Coaching For Change

Continuing to do what you are currently doing will only bring you more of the same. If disappointment, lack of fulfilment, frustration, lack of clarity and feeling stuck describes your current situation then coaching can help you. Unlike many other coaches who focus solely on trying to achieve a list of goals, my approach goes deeper. We will look at the habits, behaviours, beliefs, values and actions that are creating your current reality. Getting a clear awareness of these is the starting point for all successful change.

The sessions helped me to restore my confidence in my ability to do my job right and also ask myself questions I wouldn’t have asked before.

Niamh – Limerick

We can then get massive clarity around why, what and how exactly you are going to achieve what you wish to. I will challenge, encourage and hold you accountable throughout. Between weeks 3 and 8 there will inevitably come a period called “the dip” when you will want to return to the old way of doing things. This is where our coaching becomes hugely important to ensure you just don’t give up when things get tough and go back to the old ways…that don’t work. I have brought hundreds of individuals, groups and teams through this process successfully.

My coaching has helped people to embrace change and deliver success in:

  • Career transition and adapting to new roles or projects
  • Team dynamics and development
  • Organisational development projects
  • Leading personal change
  • Creating a more balanced and fulfilled life
  • Developing your personal brand

Coaching is delivered in the following formats:

  • 1 to 1 Coaching – Face to Face or via Zoom
  • Group Coaching & Workshops

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Start maximising your potential as an individual or a team. I will enable you to develop the mindset and habits to do so


I can coach you to become more confident in yourself and any specific situation or area you desire