Are you Willing to Pay?


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When I was growing up my dad used to regularly tell me, “John you’ll only get out of something what you put into it.” I knew what he meant, but I never really fully appreciated it at the time. Now that I run my own business I see this in action every day of the week. For too long I wanted to find the “shortcut” to success, the secret to the easy money, big car and notoriety. In short, I wanted all the trappings of success but I wasn’t willing to invest the time, energy, resources and emotional turmoil needed to achieve it. As the old proverb states, “You will reap what you sow”

We all have million dollar dreams. Our personal Everest, that if we achieved it would be an incredible feat. It can be that new BMW, building a house in the countryside, getting a 6 pack, starting your own business, having a family, or a tonne of other possible scenarios. Quite simply it is fulfilment and happiness in whatever form that takes for you. There is a yearning inside of us to want more but more importantly to be more. It is who we become as a person and the character we build that is the ultimate reward.

There is a price to achieving your goals and if you don’t know what it is then you can’t possibly know if you are willing to pay it. You wouldn’t agree to buying a house without knowing in advance what the price was. Your goals should be the exact same. What sacrifices will you have to make. What awkward conversations will you need to have. What new traits and skills will you need to develop. What new knowledge will you need to acquire. How many hours a week will you need to work. Will you need to forego the snooze button in the morning. Every single goal worth achieving comes at a cost. Usually the bigger the goal, the bigger that is. Once you know exactly what will be needed to reach your Everest you can make a conscious decision if you are willing to make the investment. If you are not that is perfectly alright, but don’t continue to invest your thoughts and energy into it any longer.

If you are willing to commit fully and do whatever it takes it is also important to ask yourself two important questions in advance.

Why do I want to achieve this?

What is it going to give me personally that I don’t already have?

The value in achieving your goals is not in accumulating money or gathering medals, it is who you become as an individual in their pursuit. The novelty and sheen of most goals wears off over time but who you have had become in order to achieve them can never revert to its original form. Pursuing anything worthwhile in business, sport or life comes at a price, but if you are willing to pay it, you will cash out with so many more chips than you ever imagined. If you are serious about taking action in 2017 give me a shout. Happy Christmas to you all.

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