Talking Confidence & Pigeons


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How can I have confidence in myself when I’ve never achieved anything in my life?

Why am I always the one messing things up?

Why does everyone else seem to have the confidence of a Venetian pigeon and I’ve none?

Any of this sound familiar….?

Our words have power, but the thing is they are not always true. Just because we say it to ourselves does not make it fact. Far from it. Oh and those pigeons in Piazza San Marco Venice have so much self confidence they wouldn’t look out of place in a Kanye West video.

Any way enough of the pigeon talk. There is a very serious issue here and one which is stopping people from achieving so much in life, business and sport. Whether it is taking a jump into the unknown, applying for that promotion, asking out the hot girl, taking that shot in the game or simply just throwing yourself into new social settings with strangers. The list is infinite, the cause is common.

The opening questions are a prime example of some of the toxic self talk we use to sabotage our confidence and ultimately, life. Remember that you are always listening to what you are saying to yourself and your subconscious believes everything you tell it. No matter how stupid it seems, or how little evidence there is to support it. Humans will believe any old crap once its repeated enough with certainty and emotion. Hence the rise of people such as Donald Trump, Hitler and Pol Pot.

So let’s take the linguistic scalpel to these statements made at the top of the article;

  1. How Can I have confidence in myself when I’ve NEVER achieved ANYTHING?

So in your whole life you have not achieved 1 single thing? Yep, thought so. Complete BS, so stop saying it to yourself!

  1. Why am I ALWAYS the one messing things up?

So every single time it’s you and nobody else makes mistakes, ever? Yep, thought so. Complete BS, so stop saying it to yourself!

  1. Why does EVERYONE else seem to have the confidence of a venetian pigeon and I don’t?

Ok so maybe you’ve never been to Venice but you catch my drift. So does EVERY single person other than you have confidence in spades and you don’t? Yep, thought so. Complete BS, so stop saying it to yourself!

One word in a sentence can have the power of an army. Start becoming aware of the words you use when you are talking to yourself. Are they helping you become the person you want to be and achieve the things you want to achieve. Stop sabotaging yourself and find words and people that will empower you. What words do you need to start using to support you and build your inner belief? When speaking to, or about yourself, it would be prudent to follow the words of the great Napoleon Hill,

“Think twice before you speak, because your WORDS and INFLUENCE will plant the seed of either success or failure”

This topic goes deep so I’ll be returning to it in more depth over the coming months. Ciao for now!